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Styles change with the decades and it is no different with your ceilings. The look, feel and techniques used for ceilings and drywall surfaces have changed as well.

Maybe you’re interested in converting your acoustical drop ceiling (ACT) to a smoother drywall ceiling or looking to enlarge the feel of the your room. Or, perhaps you are looking to remove the popcorn texture and replace with a smoother look and feel? Brave enough to try out a different texture? Maybe something to better fit your style and personality?


Drop ceilings are found in many older homes, especially those constructed during the 1970’s. Acoustical drop ceilings (ACTs) can make a room look smaller, you may want to consider improving your living space by replacing your ACT with a smooth drywall, or texture?

A popular trend is to remove those popcorn ceilings. Universal offers complete ceiling conversions. There are many options available to changing from popcorn to another texture of going with a smooth, flat look. Many customers prefer to change from the popcorn ceiling to a knockdown texture or smooth. Converting these old-fashioned ceilings is not the prolonged and messy process it used to be.

In many cases, a ceiling texture choice can be matched up with a wall texture. It really is up to you. If you have a heavy knockdown texture on the ceiling, you could apply an orange peel texture on your walls and they would complement one another.

We stress cleanliness during all our projects. We will do everything we can to keep the job site as clean as possible during the process. Detailed preparation is applied to all homes and buildings to ensure a clean process. All floors, fixtures, etc. are covered for dust containment.

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